Vegan Bags Australia

Shop a unique range of cork fabric vegan bags at Wattle Street. Be it hobo, shoulder or crossbody, our selection of vegan bags are designed for style and comfort.
Making a conscious decision to choose cruelty-free fashion accessories is easy. Wattle Street vegan bags are constructed from Portuguese cork fabric, making them an eco-friendly and natural alternative to other vegan bags.
Wattle Street vegan bags start their journey as bark on cork oak trees, native to Mediterranean forests. Once a tree is approximately 25 years old, the bark is stripped by hand by highly skilled harvesters ensuring the inner layer is not damaged. This process can continue once every 9 years, with the average age of these trees reaching between 200 and 300 years. Harvesting is actually beneficial for a cork oak tree, increasing the tree’s life expectancy and aiding the natural ecosystem.
If you are looking to upgrade your tired and tattered current handbag or are just curious as to what all the fuss is about, why not update your fashion accessory wardrobe with a Wattle Street vegan bag made from ethical cork leather.
Lightweight and soft to the touch, yet water-resistant and durable, Wattle Street cork fabric vegan bags come in a variety of styles to match your personality or plans for the day ahead.
A particular Wattle Street favourite from our range of vegan bags is the Elsbeth Cork Hobo Bag in Natural with Golden. Elsbeth is a beautifully detailed hobo style bag featuring natural cork with golden flecks and soft gold accents. Boasting an abundance of inner and outer compartments to stow all your essentials and more, Elsbeth is a classy statement bag sure to turn heads wherever you take her.
Or for those who prefer a more compact companion, check out at the Jessa Cork Crossbody Bag in Hibiscus from the Wattle Street vegan bags collection. Jessa is the perfect weekend crossbody bag with a fun tropical feature of cool green palm leaves and pink hibiscus. A roomy main compartment will accommodate all you need for the day, plus a separate zippered pocket at the back for smaller go-to items. Jessa also comes in a classic natural cork fabric or a colourful botanical design, with whimsical butterflies and flower vines in shades of pink, green and orange.
We ship Wattle Street vegan bags Australia-wide using home compostable Heropack mailers made from corn starch. These wonder bags completely break down within 90 to 120 days in a home-compostable environment or around two years if they make it to landfill. Another great feature is they come with two seals, which means when you receive your Wattle Street vegan bag in the post, you can reuse it before it retires to the compost bin. We also endeavour that any packaging used to keep your Wattle Street purchase safe can either be repurposed or recycled.
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